Our Client: Ford and Slater

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Ford and Slater, one of our regular customers wanted a casual hog roast for staff. served in their staff canteen – we delivered! Serving 350 staff, spread over 2 sites, we served up roast pork, stuffing, apple sauce, coleslaw roast potatoes and mixed salad! All staff extremely contented and happy!

Why they came and what they asked for…

I have been forwarded your details by one of my colleagues as you did some catering for him recently for a vehicle launch.

We are potentially looking to do a hog roast or something similar for all the employees on our Leicester site as a Christmas treat and I was just looking to get an understanding of what the costs would be. We have roughly 163 people on site but there would also be a requirement to cater for some other dietary requirements. Have a date in mind, but can be flexible.

What is the format of their event

Relaxed set up in the staff canteen to cover 4 shift patterns

What is the solution you gave them?

We cooked outside in a gazebo and set up the serving tables inside the staff canteen

Is it a one off event or series

It has become twice a year, Christmas Hog Roast and Summer BBQ

How many people?


An insight into their menu…

  • Christmas is a hog roast with roast potatoes, stuffing, homemade coleslaw and mixed salad.
  • Summer is a BBQ of 100% Steakburgers, cumberland sausages, marinated chicken steaks, homemade coleslaw, mixed salad and potato salad.

Were there specific requirements from the customer

We needed to be flexible on timings to accommodate the shift patterns

What was involved in pulling it off?

Ordering the meat in advance, prepping salads in advance, arriving at the venue approx 3 hours before to set up and start cooking.

How many staff?

Usually only 2 as the number of guests are spread out from 10am until 6pm so we don’t get inundated.

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